Roman Giuffré

I am an artist based in Bondi. My current work (paint on clear acrylic) explores the visual conversation between: interior & exterior, foreground & background, negative & positive, abstract & figurative, dark & light. Commissions welcome.

About My Work

I graduated with a BFA from the National Art School in 2020. At NAS I majored in printmaking; however COVID-19 restricted my access to the printmaking studio along with the resources required for me to do that work. As it happens, I like to work quickly and spontaneously, without spending too much time thinking about outcomes. For this reason, I had already come to feel that traditional printmaking techniques like etching, wood and lino carving were, for the most part, too laboured to hold my attention. I also found that I preferred to work an image out as if it were a painting, rather than commit to one by physically altering a matrix. That’s why I started to focus on the acrylic matrix itself rather than the media upon which it would be applied.

My time spent at NAS, alongside so many talented emerging artists has been invaluable. With extensive exposure to so many artistic influences, I believe my art making knowledge and practice has deepened and become more informed.

In 2020, I won the Printmaking Award for my graduating class, and my work was acquired for the National Art School Collection.

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The Grad Show 2020

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